Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hey there Cutes, put on your dancin' boots and -

Come Dance with Me!

This is what happens when Catherine allows me to write a blog post - you get Sinatra song lyrics in the title. A goal that we both have on our lists is to take a dance class, and this month we started beginners' salsa. It's held in a lovely place called Towson Dance Studio, and we are having a great time! There are a lot of very nice people there and we're learning quickly. Despite my usual clumsiness, so far I've managed not to step on anyone's toes or fall flat on my face. In time, I fear that dancing may prove to be a dangerous hobby as well, as I've found myself dancing while I'm brushing my teeth or fixing my coffee. I'm going to be a regular dance machine!

So although it's not technically "finished" yet, Goal #1 has been started! We'll keep you posted on the class and all the goals yet to come!


  1. I've had my toes stepped on, but I don't think I've damaged anyone else's feet. So we're both doing well, so far as I see it. :)

  2. You can now join my ranks and dance while you're waiting for the copier to finish!